Does It Matter If The Paper Products I Use Are FSC Certified?

Being eco-friendly is by no means a new concept or lifestyle, but while many of us do our small part in recycling and using fewer plastics, have you ever wondered if there is any other way we can do our part in being environmentally friendly?

Paper products are a big part of our lives. Even with the rise of digital technology and the use of kindle and tablets to replace books, schools and readers worldwide still utilise all forms of paper products. Not to mention toilet paper, tissues and even paper bags when we go shopping at some of our favourite stores, paper has become an essential material in our lives.

While paper products might never seem to go out of favour for many, many years to come, there is an increasingly adopted standard – the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification – that indicates a greater bar for environmental stewardship. So what is this FSC exactly, and what does it do for our environment?

What is FSC?

The FSC, simply put, is a global forest certification guideline that seeks to manage our forest resources well, licensing various retailers to indicate a level of eco-responsibility, awareness and mitigation of harmful effects towards our environment.

These rules and restrictions aren’t arbitrary or set up by the organisation. They go one level higher in complying with nationally-ratified international treaties, conventions and agreements like those made by the United Nations (UN) and other international bodies. Their purpose is also catalogued under the 10 FSC Principles, including objectives like the maintenance and enhancement of the economic and social welfare of workers, protection of indigenous peoples of forested regions, preservation of local communities, as well as various objectives in achieving sustainability and responsibility towards our environment.

Is it actually effective?

Although it is done as a series of recommendations towards the public rather than the restriction of multi-national corporations and companies, many companies have sought to achieve this standard to show that they are committed to being eco-friendly entities.

In an age where many consumers are growing increasingly aware and wary of their carbon footprint, looking for various means to do a more significant part in their green agenda, including purchasing products from companies they know share the same mentality. As the FSC shows a clear standard in registering companies that go above and beyond their usual means to lessen their impact on the environment, consumers are keen to switch towards these organisations that align with their values.

While ideas might not move monoliths that are giant corporations to actionable change, dollars and cents would. And this shift towards profitability from eco-friendly consumers is a significant motivating factor that encourages more companies and corporations to push for a greener policy in their companies’ operations.

Should I make the switch to FSC certified products?

Yes! While it may seem like we are individuals with a small part to play, every one of our actions adds up. We believe that our actions can create a significant impact as a community, one paper product and one toilet paper roll at a time. Every small step towards a greener and more sustainable earth should always be pursued.

Make sure to source for FSC certification where you can, especially as it gets more traction, awareness and adoption by global brands. This certification differentiates companies doing their part and those that don’t, allowing more people to make a better decision towards a sustainable future.


While not all products have the FSC certified label, companies that are growing increasingly aware of their impact on the environment and show their commitment to their environmentally conscious customers. From notepads to toilet paper, there are indeed so many avenues for change.

The team at Wype, wanting to play our part in helping create a greener future, have ensured to obtain the FSC certification for our premium toilet paper in Singapore. It allows us to create more luxurious and comfortable toilet paper products for your leisurely use, it allows us the peace of mind in knowing that we are playing a part in the goal for a sustainable earth. We will do our part, and you can do yours too!

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