6 Interesting Facts You Ought To Know About Toilet Paper

6 Interesting Facts You Ought To Know About Toilet Paper

Toilet paper has become an essential commodity for a lot of people. Research says that the daily production of toilet paper is estimated at about 83,048,116 rolls. That’s just how ubiquitous toilet rolls have become in our modern lifestyle. Despite its widespread use, it isn’t something we all talk about. After all, it’s not every day that people wonder about toilet paper rolls.

Still, here are some fun facts we know about toilet rolls and a few interesting facts and statistics about toilet paper that might just pique your interest in this humble item we use daily.

It isn’t an entirely new invention

    Although the first recorded use of toilet paper was in the 6th century in China, it was only mass-produced in the 14th century. In the United States, people couldn’t buy it until 1857. And it was only in 1935 that toilet paper was produced splinter-free. Think about that. Toilet rolls have had a 1400 year history before modern usage. Aren’t you glad for the inventors that thought about our comfort centuries back!

    A person uses approximately 57 sheets of toilet paper per day

      A survey was conducted to determine how many sheets of toilet paper an average person uses every day. If the estimate of 57 sheets per day is accurate, that makes 399 per week, 1,710 per month, 20,805 per year, and a whopping 1,664,400 sheets if a person lives to be 80 years old. That’s a whole lot of toilet rolls to use!

      It is used not just in toilets

        The US Army was reported to have covered their tanks with coloured toilet paper as paper mache to camouflage them during the Desert Storm. Who knew that the humble toilet roll could play such an important role in a significant military exercise to protect the lives of deployed troops. Talk about practical uses, huh?

        A lot of people don’t use toilet paper

          People used different things in lieu of toilet paper, depending on their social status. During ancient times, wealthy people used wool or any soft, washable cloth. For the Ancient Romans, they opted for soaked sponges on sticks. As for the poor people, they would often use grass, straw, or leaves. Others would run to the nearest lake or river to relieve themselves. But in modern times, people have invented a bidet to widely replace toilet paper’s use. Still, despite all these, toilet paper still sees popular usage, and it probably won’t go anywhere anytime soon.

          The most massive toilet paper in the world

            Charmin manufactured the most extensive toilet paper. It was made out of 1,000,000 square feet of toilet paper, which is equivalent to 95,000 regular toilet paper. Its height measured a staggering eight feet and a diameter of more than nine feet. It was specially made to celebrate World Toilet Paper Day and was even verified by the World Record Academy.

            A wedding dress made entirely of toilet paper

              Surprisingly, toilet paper can be a very resilient and adaptable material that makes for a unique wedding dress. There have been hundreds of bridal gowns made of 3 ply toilet paper and have been worn at actual weddings. There was even a competition in New York where designers needed to make the most beautiful wedding gown made entirely of toilet paper. Well, we probably wouldn’t do the same for our wedding, but we can only imagine the surprise guests would have when they see a bride donning a wedding dress made from the humble toilet roll!


              As you can see, toilet paper can also be an exciting topic of conversation. But for everything else toilet paper (like the normal uses we all buy it for), we say we’ll stick to the normal 3-ply rolls we’re so used to. 

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