Home Essentials: How-To Guide For Choosing A Toilet Paper

Home Essentials How To Guide For Choosing A Toilet Paper

We’ve used this probably thousands of times in our modern world, but apart from the comfort and softness, do we actually know the specifics about choosing the perfect toilet paper for our everyday use? It is surprising to think that this product is perhaps one of the most overlooked items when it comes to our basic hygiene. 

Toilet paper is an indispensable household essential. Knowing how to buy good quality ones at a reasonable price can be very useful in managing a household, balancing comfort with price and durability. With the different brands and types of toilet paper on the market, such as 1-ply, 2-ply, and 3-ply toilet paper, how do you buy the perfect one and ensure that you make a “smart” choice? To help you, check out this guide we compiled to help you in choosing your toilet paper. 

Choose a durable paper

It happened to us at least once and it is not fun. Pull out toilet paper sheets and wipe, then you find your finger peeking through a hole in the toilet paper, which is an experience you definitely would want to avoid as much as possible.

One of the best ways to ensure that your toilet paper is up for the job is to look for a toilet roll made with strength and durability in mind. A 3-ply paper is a good choice as it is known to be the strongest and offers the best coverage and least chance of finger break-throughs. Next, make sure it is made from virgin pulp as it tends to be softer without compromising on any of its strength. Add these two together and you will have an incredibly soft and luxuriously comfortable time the next time you visit the toilet.

Comfort should be a priority

The brand of toilet paper that you use can make a huge difference in the comfort that you feel once you’re done on the throne. You need toilet paper that is sturdy enough not to break when wet but is also soft enough not to damage the area of your skin that you wiped it with. Generally, one-ply toilet paper does not offer the best comfort due to how thin it is.

Toilet papers are used for runny noses, wiping spills, taking off makeup and cleaning up. Before buying one, you should take into consideration the wide array of things that you can do with toilet paper and choose a brand that will be comfortable enough for your needs. Do all these well and you have a product that doesn’t chafe your skin or irritate your nose, even if it’s the 10th sneeze you’re dealing with on a sick day!

Consider the price

If you’ve ever gone to the grocery store, you probably know the idea of the great savings that certain toilet paper brands have to offer. While some packages may be huge and the prices seem unbeatable, you might not want to sacrifice a few dollars for a disappointing quality of toilet paper. Far too often, the cost of toilet paper often reflects the quality of the paper.

Rather than settling for cheap toilet paper, you might want to consider spending a little extra on a familiar brand or else start bargain hunting for the best sales. Keep in mind that if you don’t pay much, don’t expect much.


Choosing toilet paper is a task that is often taken for granted and one that we don’t spend much time contemplating about. However, toilet paper is one of the most essentials in a home. Rather than grabbing the first option that you see at the supermarket, you should take time to consider the things that you value most about your toilet paper. If you’re looking for a premium toilet paper roll in Singapore, Wype is here to help! We provide high-quality toilet rolls at such reasonable prices and we’re proud to say we bring these luxuriously soft rolls right to your doorstep at a moment’s notice!

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