4 Reasons Why Toilet Paper Is Still Better Than Wet Wipes

4 Reasons Why Toilet Paper Is Still Better Than Wet Wipes

Toilet paper versus wet wipes – this is the infamous (and hilarious) bathroom dilemma that happens more often than you think. Indeed, when it comes to a wiping solution, toilet paper and wet wipes have become the main contenders in the market. The debate over which between these two products is the best will probably never see a conclusive end.

The main difference between toilet paper and wet wipes lies in their paper (or lack thereof). While toilet paper is purely made of paper, wet wipes are basically dampened cloths made of a variety of materials that often include plastic and other non-organic substances. While it may not seem like much, this supposedly slight difference changes the entire game, and here are some of the significant reasons why toilet paper is still your best wiping solution. 

1. Toilet paper is made mainly of natural materials 

For the most part, toilet paper rolls are usually made from natural materials like virgin pulp and softwood trees. Although some chemicals may be added during processing to eliminate colour from the paper, toilet paper is essential just crushed, spread out, and dried up organic material. Hence, when you wipe using toilet paper, you’re really are relying on none other than mother nature herself.

In contrast, wet wipes aren’t necessarily natural all the time and may contain ingredients that can irritate your skin and cause allergies. Many wet wipes use harsh and synthetic chemicals as their ingredients, one of which is Methylisothiazolinone (MCI). High concentrations of MCI can lead to skin irritation and chemical burns and can ultimately damage your overall health. 

2. Toilet paper does not clog plumbing systems 

This is an advantage of toilet paper over wet wipes that many people, especially business owners and office cleaners, dread hearing their toilets clogged by wet ups. Clogged pipelines and sewage systems are common problems that result from flushing wet wipes down the toilet. Wet wipes are ordinarily made from non-woven materials that don’t disintegrate easily, rapidly cause plumbing issues that are hard to resolve without generating a huge mess.

On the other hand, toilet paper will not typically clog your plumbing systems, even when you flush it down the drain. Toilet paper’s natural fibres that degrade quickly when placed in water can easily break up when subjected to water pressure. Toilet papers also do not clump up and break up when placed inside the sewage system, as compared to wet wipes. If you’re wondering why that is a huge advantage, search what a ‘fatberg’ is, with one weighing up to the equivalent of 11 double-decker buses found in London’s sewage system.

3. Toilet paper is more affordable

When it comes to cost, the debate generally favours toilet paper over wet wipes. On average, wet wipes are said to cost about 2 to 3 times more than toilet paper on a per wipe basis. Moreover, if you’re in search of a wiping agent that can bring extra value to your money, wet wipes are also not the one you’re looking for.

Unless you cut a wet wipe in half, you’re usually forced to use only one sheet of wipe each time – not to mention that doing this can also be awkward and messy. Meanwhile, with toilet paper, you can easily customise how much you use every time you pay a visit to the restroom or clean your desk. Whether you want to use only one sheet of toilet paper or half a dozen, the choice remains entirely up to you.

4. Toilet paper is usually available everywhere

Toilet paper is the only wiping agent that’s always available in public facilities, such as restaurants, hotels, hospitals, airports, and so on. Almost everywhere you go, you can easily find toilet paper at your disposal. Cheap, highly functional and able to be used in a huge variety of situations, there is little doubt why toilet paper remains the most available option all around. 

On the other hand, there are some facilities that prohibit wet wipes, such as cruise ships and most boats in general. Wet wipes aren’t allowed in these facilities because their plumbing usually can’t handle flushed wipes. Even those wet wipes that are labelled as “flushable” can still easily damage the plumbing system of a cruise ship.


Selecting the right wiping solution for you is important since your choice will not only negatively influence your comfort level for the rest of the day but it may also have an impact on your skin, plumbing system, and even your wallet. Despite the increasing popularity of wet wipes, toilet paper remains your best option for all your wiping needs. Just a single toilet paper roll product can provide you with the durability, comfort, convenience, and affordability that you need.

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