3 Tissue Paper Myths That Must Be Flushed Down The Toilet

3 Tissue Paper Myths That Must Be Flushed Down The Toilet

Toilet paper, one of the most humble yet essential items in our day-to-day use, is often overlooked and underappreciated. True, while it does come cheap and in large quantities, can you imagine a world where we don’t have it to cover and clean up our mess when we cough and sneeze, to soak up spilled liquids on the tables or even to clean after ourselves after a trip to the toilet? I honestly can’t.

However, despite its prevalent use in modern society, there seem to be a bad rep going around toilet paper. While certain agendas like a cleaner and greener culture is definitely worth applauding and cheering for, we want to lay the truth on the table and wipe away any misconceptions regarding the use of the humble toilet roll. Without further ado, we find out some common myths about tissue paper and uncover the truth behind them.

Myth 1: All Toilet Papers Are Bad For The Environment

This is perhaps the most common myth about tissue papers – that their widespread use is harmful to the environment. Many people are particularly concerned that the production of toilet paper contributes to the depletion of the world’s natural resources and the reduction of trees that prevent flooding, soil erosion, and many other environmental problems.

However, while we agree that we can all afford to be more conservative in our use of paper products to lessen the number of trees cut as a collective, we have to understand that different brands take their responsibility of being a green agent on a range of levels. While some brands utilise poor practices and use harmful bleaches and chemicals, there are other environmentally-cognisant paper product manufacturers that seek to attain the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification that denotes their commitment to green and sustainable practices. These companies typically utilise less harmful chemicals and water to manufacture their paper products, having a model for sustainable planting and usage of timber as well as proper disposable methods of chemicals for their paper cleaning processes.

Myth 2: Toilet Paper Use Creates A Plumbing Disaster

While we have to preface this point by stating that irresponsible usage and dumping of large amounts of toilet paper will clog up any toilet, a much lower quantity of low-quality toilet paper can clog up your pipes much faster than an equal amount of high-quality toilet rolls.

High-quality toilet rolls are known to be softer and more absorbent. These high-quality toilet paper products are typically made up of natural, virgin pulp and possess a couple of highly desirable characteristics. They are highly absorbent and able to hold liquids without tearing easily while being highly soft. All these added together to create not just a luxuriously comfortable product, it also allows the toilet paper to do it’s just well while being able to be broken down very quickly when fully soaked and exposed to pressure, reducing the chances of clogging in your pipes.

Myth 3: Toilet Paper Is Less Efficient Than Other Toilet Solutions

With the coming of other toilet solutions like the bidet, many people are already abandoning the use of toilet paper because they consider it as the “less efficient” option. However, the truth is that toilet papers and bidets perform two very different functions and should be used in conjunction with one another for a cleaner result.

While both can be used to clean up after a toilet visit, bidets use clean water to wash after yourself while toilet papers can be used instead to soak up any leftover water and clean up any slight residue that the water from bidets can’t effectively get rid of. This is preferable to increasing water pressure in excessive amounts, potentially causing problems like anal pruritus, anal incontinence, and bacterial vaginitis.


Essentially, we aren’t discounting any of the claims that people have made but are instead seeking to readdress the situation with a better solution in mind. Toilet papers might have served us well for many decades, and we recognise the innovations of newer cleaning solutions like the bidet. It just means that we have better solutions to use in tandem with what we have to save paper resources while maintaining proper hygiene.

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