Wype 3 Ply Toilet Tissue
Wype 3 Ply Toilet Tissue
FSC Certified Toilet Paper Singapore
3 Ply Toilet Paper Singapore
Bulk Toilet Paper Singapore
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Wype 3 Ply Toilet Tissue

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Our toilet rolls can be sold as:
One-Time Purchase 
Subscription service, delivered every 1 or 3 months.

Each bundle has 10 rolls of 3 ply premium toilet paper, and we sell a minimum of 2 bundles for each delivery.

2 Bundles (20 rolls) @ S$7.99 per bundle
4 Bundles (40 rolls) @ S$4.99 per bundle
6 Bundles (60 rolls) @ S$3.99 per bundle

First time subscribing? Use code WYPEWYPE30 for 35% OFF your first cycle.
Subscribe & save 5% every cycle for the long run.   


-3ply, Pure Virgin Wood Pulp
-220 Sheets a roll
-10 rolls/bundle
-Lightly Embossed
-Dermatologically Tested
-FSC Certified
-Cushiony Soft

Wype Toilet Tissues offer ultra softness and strength with 3-ply thick sheets, ensuring superior cleaning with improved softness to reduce causes of skin irritation. Each tissue is residue-free when wet, maintaining superior gentle touch and strength. Developed with advanced technology and 100% highest quality virgin fibers, every sheet gives a unique sensation of softness, ensuring the best in gentle, family hygiene care.


Along with being one of the cheapest premium toilet rolls in Singapore, you have our assurance that delivery always has been and always will be FREE.

Our delivery service ensures delivery around the clock, your purchase will arrive in 3 Working Days.

We have adopted contactless delivery methods to ensure contact is kept to a minimum. Our delivery service will ensure that you are notified with a text on your provided contact number during the delivery day. They will then leave your toilet roll bundles neatly outside your door before ringing your doorbell once to notify you of the delivery.

In the case of your delivery arriving from 9pm-9am (in the middle of the night), our delivery squad will not ring your doorbell but will drop you a text message instead.

Please be respectful to our delivery squads as they work hard to ensure that you never experience a toilet paper shortage under their watch.


If you want to purchase in bulk to a particular location, click here.  

We provide a bulk purchase deal that gives a S$10 discount for every 50 bundles (500 rolls) purchased. Every roll is also counted at the highly affordable price of S$3.99


Fret not, for we are more than happy to assist. Drop us a call, and we can walk you through the entire process and answer any other queries about our toilet paper rolls.

Customer Reviews

Based on 181 reviews
Quality better than I expected!

The updates of their delivery is impressive with smses to when they ship out, when it's coming to you and when it reached you.
The quality of the paper exceeded my expectations at this price point. I have 2 fussy butt-wipers at home and I was trying my luck to see if they would make do with this new product. And I need to comment that Wype paper quality is really cheap and good. Soft enough(don't expect Paseo 4ply or kleenex soft) but at $3++ forv10nrolls. This is a great product. Just take the plunge and try it....like I did 👍🏻

christine chong

Wype 3 Ply Toilet Tissue

Eunice Chan
Above Average Paper Quality & Prompt Service

The paper quality could be thicker but it is still slightly better than average. It is so convenient to order online and have all the rolls delivered to my doorstep, free of charge. I’d recommend Wype to those who are not fussy about having thicker toilet paper. Thank you.

Tan Bee Hong

Wype 3 Ply Toilet Tissue

Alven Lee

Great delivery