Toilet Paper & Subscription Delivery Service: Why We Do Both

We all aren’t strangers to toilet papers, and we’ve slowly seen more subscription-based services like streaming services (Netflix, Disney+), meal planning services (Lumen, Noom) and even monthly car rental services. But have you seen both put together before? Well, we haven’t but we thought to make it work.

Being Singapore’s first toilet roll subscription and delivery service, we’re as much in unchartered waters as any of you guys. But having identified the needs and value-added services we can bring to our customers, we believe that this is a service that will benefit many families and households. A new subscription service in a uniquely trying time – but we always say opportunities and luck favors the bold (and the wise). We share why the team at Wype has decided to do what we are doing as a toilet paper subscription delivery service.

Convenience and safety of delivery

With more and more couples working in Singapore, time becomes a premium that many people are fighting to squeeze out for the meaningful moments in life. Whether it is taking that extra hour for personal wellbeing, to chase a personal project and hobby or just to spend that few more moments with our family and loved ones, having one less thing to worry about can slowly add up in the long run.

The convenience provided by this subscription service not only saves time but allows for customers to get toilet rolls in a timely and safe manner, especially in the current COVID-19 and the new Omicron strain. The pandemic has changed things up significantly, and while this might be the start of delivery services of many new products, we believe that this service will stay for the long run.

Affordable product with discounts for bulk purchase

We sourced for a quality toilet roll product while keeping costs low, knowing that a necessity like toilet paper can see improvements and changes. Like how Grab took over the traditional taxi service in unforeseen ways, we at Wype believe that we can make changes to this important yet often overlooked area of our lives.

The ability to focus on a single product over a large consumer base allows us to purchase and sell our products at an affordable price to our customers, even going as far as creating discounts for great value for customers that engage in bulk toilet paper purchase. Add this to our already affordable product and we bring you great savings in the months to come.

A product we can be proud of

We strive to be known as a premium toilet paper brand in Singapore, and we do so by looking at the quality of our toilet rolls. We have ensured that our toilet paper is made from 100% virgin pulp that creates a luxuriously soft experience for customers using our product. With stronger fibre strands and none of the harsh chemicals to treat recycled paper products, you can be sure that our toilet paper can be used by those with the softest or most sensitive skin without worry.

Our toilet paper product is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, meaning that our product is sustainable for the environment – something that we were keen to ensure knowing that a paper brand like us needs to have a greater commitment to our environment.


Many people might be surprised at what we’re doing – but we say we aim to surprise at how great our product is and how well we’ve thought this through. We might be a new kid on the block, and we probably would have a few lessons to learn down the road, and we say we’re glad to do so to win the trust and create a great product and brand down the road.

If you’re unsure of how our new subscription based toilet paper service works, drop us a message on our website or contact us and we’ll be glad to connect and help you. Give our tender soft toilet paper a try. It changed our toilet experience and we know it can do so for you too!

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