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Virgin Pulp: Why Is It Best Material For Toilet Paper

Toilet paper may seem like such an easily overlooked item, but we know when we find and use a good one versus one made with low-quality materials. We can all recount that experience in the toilets of a random mall as compared to the luxurious moments we enjoyed in a hotel we’ve checked into before the lockdown ever happened. Sure, toilet rolls can be functional, but who says it can’t feel good while we’re at it?

Functionality or comfort: not many toilet paper brands offer both. But for those that do, we have identified a common feature – the usage of virgin pulp in their products. While pulp is essentially an organic plant-based material gathered from trees and plants, virgin pulp refers to any paper product that contains no recycled content. This results in a 100% tree pulp and natural cotton product. Does the utility of virgin pulp make any difference at all? We offer a resounding yes and 4 reasons to show you why.

Cleanliness and health

Pulp that has been recycled can have up to 100 or even 1000 times the concentration of bacteria. While this might not pose any threat or danger to the average healthy adult, it might cause health and safety concerns for young infants and those with a compromised immune system.

The process of creating recycled pulp includes the employment of many harsh industrial chemicals used in the treatment process. This is an unavoidable process meant to strip the used paper product from oils, inks, dyes and other harmful reagents it may have been exposed to during its usage and recycling process. While certified safe for usage, prolonged exposure to products treated with industrial-grade chemicals might result in irritation for those with sensitive skin. Regardless, it is easier for the skin when products that have gone through gentler treatment methods are used, especially when it comes into contact with sensitive areas like our face and eyes.

Softness and comfort

Virgin pulp boasts a luxurious softness that its substitute, recycled pulp, simply can’t compare to. These fibres go through a gentle refining process that results in longer fibres that are not susceptible to breaking, increasing their strength while not compromising quality. The resulting softness provides a softer, silken texture and experience. Along with the lack of harsh chemical treatments utilised, virgin pulp is the better option when used for infants and young children or those with sensitive skin.

Organic and safety for the environment

Recycling is indeed a gold standard for many industrial products. However, harsh industrial chemicals are still required to treat one-time use paper products, causing more pollution than the process used to create virgin pulp. While there is a place for both recycled and virgin pulp, we cannot deny the benefits virgin pulp has over recycled pulp when we compare the environmental impact each process has.

Various suppliers have also acknowledged and complied with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), using dedicated forested lands to grow sustainable lumber for the production of virgin pulp. This sustainability leads to long-term gains when we also consider the less harmful processes required in the papermaking process.


The lack of chemical reagents and harsh treatments result in longer and stronger natural fibres, giving virgin pulp its strength and increased length of fibres. These add up to provide pure pulp products with better ink and liquid retention rates, creating a higher quality product. When used as toilet paper, it doesn’t tear easily even when wet or cause abrasion because of the rough quality of shorter fibre strands. 


Virgin pulp is definitely the way to go when we want the best experience for our customers when they use our paper products. You can expect the best premium toilet paper experience with Wype as we only employ 100% virgin pulp in our toilet rolls. Check out our toilet roll bundles rates for better savings and get the best experience delivered straight to your doorstep for you and your family.

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