When Should You Use Toilet Paper, Wet Wipes Or Cloth Towels?

When Should You Use Toilet Paper, Wet Wipes Or Cloth Towels?

Tissue paper is just tissue paper, right? Is there even a need to differentiate its use from other cleaning products like wet wipes and cleaning cloths we use at home?

Admittedly, while the functions are pretty similar across the board, their minute differences are the reason why people still carry both tissue paper and wet wipes around. Here, we touch on when you would use any of the 3 items and see if one is better than the other.

Tissue Paper

A simple piece of tissue is something we take for granted, but it serves very specific and unique functions that cater to our convenience and comfort in many different ways. Tissue papers are generally used as a one-time use product to clean or soak up liquids and messes.

Tissue papers are also more environmentally friendly than wet wipes as they are commonly made up of natural fibres as opposed to wet wipes’ synthetic materials. That is why we still use natural paper tissue papers in the toilet as opposed to wet wipes as wet wipes cannot disintegrate when wet and under pressure, clogging up the pipes and resulting in messy cleanups. 

Wet Wipes

While wet wipes are similar to tissue paper in the regard that they are also one-time use, wet wipes have 2 primary differentiating qualities that let it stand apart from the standard tissue paper. The strength & integrity of wet wipes as well as its common disinfecting & antibacterial properties act as a cleaning agent most commonly used when you are outdoors.

Wet wipes also emphasise convenience, coming in packs that are easy to carry around. Especially seen and bought during the age of the pandemic, it has become an almost indispensable item in our day to day lives. This is commonly used in conjunction with tissue papers, where wet wipes are used to clean an item and tissue papers are used after to dry and soak up any leftover liquids.

Cleaning Cloth & Rags

Cleaning cloths and rags have a single key differentiating factor when compared to the aforementioned tissue paper and wet wipes – they are a reusable item most commonly seen when cleaning up messes at home or in the kitchen. While common dirty and oily stains can still be soaked up with kitchen rolls, cleaning up everyday spills are generally still the job of a general cleaning cloth that can act as an insulator when picking up hot pots and pans.


With a difference in their use and function, we’ve come to realise that these products do not replace one another but perform a specific function under different circumstances. The era of COVID-19 pandemic has also taught us to carry both tissues and wet wipes as we learn to be more detailed and aware of cleanliness in our surroundings. However, while cleaning cloths and wet wipes might still not see as general a usage as toilet rolls, we recommend keeping a couple around for their specific use, especially when you do not require a one-time use item to reduce waste and be more environmentally friendly.

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