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Subscribe now and save 3%
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What Wype does

Wype takes care of what you need

And we mean it when we say that.
With Wype, you will now receive the items you have come to love and use on a frequency that fits your household. 

Save that Money

We only sell in subscriptions - this allows you to buy more and take advantage of big sizes, resulting to us selling at bulk rates.
Bulk rates mean bulk savings!
Our team is tasked to actively stay competitive on the market rate of every product listed. You snooze, you lose.
And we never snooze.
Of course we reward customers that stay - enjoy 5% off your entire cycle every  cycle. Did we mention the freebies that we throw in ever so often?

Save that Time

This is what a subscription with Wype means:
Never running out of Toilet Paper again. We are working very hard to bring in more products for our subscribers.


A curated selection of products by you

What a family of 4 needs is different from what a couple who just got married needs. But there will be a few items that will share a common ground, Our team at Wype tests and selects a range of the most popular products so you can be confident in your purchase. 

 We are still in the process of onboarding more products, so we appreciate the patience given to us. We are working very hard to ensure we remain valuable to our customers.