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Subscribe now and save 3%
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How does my Wype Bundle work?

Its simple. 


1. Decide your order frequency. Our frequencies range from 1 & 3 months.

2. Add the products to your Wype bundle, if you choose to subscribe, every cycle is 5% off. You are free to cancel the subscription anytime. 

2. We will deliver to your door step in 72 Hours and subsequently, every 1 or 3 months depending on your selected frequency.

3.Thats it! You can upgrade, downgrade, bring forward or pause your subscription cycle anytime, just reach out to us! 

4. First time subscribing? Use code WYPEWYPE30 for 35% OFF your first cycle, and 5% OFF every cycle after that.


Refer to your account to view your next billing date and next delivery cycle.



Our drivers deliver round the clock. 

To keep you and our delivery guys safe, we have adopted to do contactless delivery. 

Our delivery guys will drop a text to your number provided on delivery day. They will ring the doorbell once and will leave your bundles neatly outside your door.

In the case your delivery arrives from 9 PM - 9 AM, our delivery squad will not ring your doorbell. They will leave it outside the door and drop you a text message instead. 

Please be respectful to our delivery squads, they work hard to make sure you  never run out of toilet paper

All deliveries will take between 72 Hours from the date of order.  

Still have questions? Email or call us and our friendly sales staff will be in touch. 



You will be billed upon purchase of your first order.

Subsequently, your next billing will be in accordance to the frequency you have selected. Your delivery will arrive within 72 Hours of the billing date.