4 Common Qualities To Look For In Your Toilet Paper Brand

4 Common Qualities To Look For In Your Toilet Paper Brand

Many agree that toilet paper is an essential item to stock up on at home. It may almost seem so basic or fundamental that it is often an item we take for granted. I mean, toilet paper is just… toilet paper, right? Pick up a brand we’re familiar with using over the years, and we’re good to go.

However, let it be said that not all toilet paper rolls are created equal! And the key differences in quality can make all the difference you need for your comfort and hygiene, cost savings, and environmental concern, among many other things. It’s worthwhile to know what makes a high-quality roll if you want only the best for your household or to simply perk up your comfort room experience. That said, here are the tip-top qualities you should be looking for in your toilet paper brand.

Ply count

You can generally find toilet paper in the one-ply to four-ply varieties. ‘Ply’ refers to the number of layers per sheet – the higher the ply count, the thicker, lusher, and stronger it is. Nothing is undoubtedly worse than toilet paper that crumbles into a glop when it’s wet and right when you are about to use it too!

A wispy variety like one-ply requires the use of longer rolls to make fuller coverage – this makes it more wasteful, and not only that, it also leaves messy lint after wiping. We use toilet paper to clean things up, not leave a mess (especially down south). Going for a high ply count is more cost-effective since you end up using fewer sheets – plus, it’s softer and more absorbent!

Roll length

Apart from its call of duty, toilet paper is also used to remove makeup, blow noses, clean up spills, the whole nine yards – it seems there’s never enough sheets for all that you use it for. Using toilet paper sparingly is also not in the cards for many people. That being the case, toilet paper often runs out and needs to be replaced days or weeks before your scheduled supermarket run.

When buying in bulk, you might want to ask yourself, how many sheets are in a roll and how many rolls are in a bundle? Naturally, the higher the count, the longer it lasts. Compound that with a high ply count – meaning that you wouldn’t need to use a lot of sheets for your purpose – it’s not just about saving dough, though. It’s more for the sake of convenience. Getting proper roll length might not be the top of everyone’s considerations, but it’s something you could think about when getting a reliable toilet paper brand for you family’s use.


It definitely pays to go for dermatologically-tested, hypoallergenic toilet paper, especially if your skin is sensitive and prone to irritation. Worryingly enough, some manufacturers use chemicals like chlorine on their products to make them whiter, and this is harsh not only for the users but also for the environment as well.

Good quality toilet paper uses high-quality fibres, which feel feathery-soft and do not cause scratchy sensations on the skin. Most of the time, this might refer to toilet paper made from virgin pulp, meaning that it has not contain any recycled material and have not gone through the harsh chemical process to make sure recycled pulp is reusable again.  


Good-quality toilet paper is often made from virgin wood pulp, which, then again, comes from trees. You will want to ensure, though, that it is sourced from responsibly managed forests. You can do so by looking at the toilet paper pack and finding the FSC tree-tick logo on the package.

The Forest Stewardship Council is a global nonprofit organization promoting responsible forest management. They set the standards of forest products with a duly diligent certification process. When you find the FSC certification logo, it means the product is made from responsibly sourced trees in responsibly managed forests.


Toilet paper may seem like such a small detail in the grander scheme of things, but they are pretty much a non-negotiable necessity. No doubt choosing the right toilet paper can make a slight difference in your home comforts and quality of life, but when it’s something we use every day, can we really say it doesn’t matter at all? Give this common, often overlooked daily item a little thought the next time you shop for it at your supermarket. Who knows, you might thank yourself in time to come!

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